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Bowl Market is a great little daytime cafe situated in the heart of Vesterbro. It’s near the popular Meat-Packing District and one of the best places in the city to go to get some really good healthy food.  The main concept is bringing the type of Acai Bowls and Porridges enjoyed by elite endurance athletes and combining it with a beautifully designed Scandinavian cafe.  

The ingredients are individually selected and from your first taste you can really tell that only the best ingredients make it into bowl market.  We tried both a acai bowl and a porridge and they were delicious and filling.  Each porridge has several layers rather than just a topping so you get to enjoy the flavour all the way to the bottom of the bowl.  Speaking of the bowl e
verything is served in typical stylish Danish ceramic bowls which have been bought from local ceramic companies and presented in a way that it’s no surprise there are so many photos from Bowlmarket on instagram.

    Bowl Market - Photo Isabella Lilja

    Photo Credit: Isabella Lilja

    The service is impeccable and very warm and welcoming. It is a popular spot with internationals but the locals love it here also so it gets pretty busy. Trey is the owner of Bowl Market and is very happy to chat with you and make sure you are having a good experience as well as being very adaptable if you have any particular dietary needs.

    He used to work with professional cycling teams helping them with their nutition and he knows a thing or two about great porridge! You can go super healthy here or have some naughtier ingredients added to your bowl.

    It was also great to see that they serve Coffee Collective which is our favourite coffee over here!

    We've loved our visits and we'll certainly be going back to Bowlmarket. 

    Treat yourself to some seriously delicious food and coffee and try it out yourself. 


    • Due to its increased popularity it can get pretty busy in here during the late mornings but it’s worth the wait or have a walk and come back later.

    • Around 9am is the best time to go to guarantee a table spot inside..   

    • You also have the option to get any food to go.

    Bowl Market - Photo Isabella Lilja

    Photo Credit: Isabella Lilja


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