Top Breakfast Spots in Copenhagen

Top Breakfast Spots in Copenhagen

When it rains in Copenhagen

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in the city serving an early morning breakfast. We love arriving at opening time, usually 7.30am, when it’s quiet and you get to enjoy fresh hot bread and pastries straight from the oven.  The Danes love a social breakfast and since moving to Copenhagen going for a breakfast and coffee before work has become a regular occurrence.

Here are my top picks so far:


Overgaden Oven Vandet 90, 1415 - Christianshavn
A small independent basement cafe in Christianshavn opens from 7.30am during the working week. It is a cosy candelit cafe that also has an outside area perfect for when the sun is shining plus you get some great views of the canals. All their bread and pastries are freshly baked on site everyday. It is a popular spot with the locals and so can start to get a little busy from 8am.

Must try : Freshly baked bun with butter and cheese - the bread is so delicious.
Good to know : Opens from 7.30am during the week and from 8am at the weekend.

Parterre Copenhagen Parterre Breakfast Copenhagen


Gothersgade 30, 1123 - City Centre
Another cute and cosy cafe located on the busy street of Gothersgade. Everything on the menu is super fresh, natural and very healthy. There are some unusual but tasty alternatives to the classic breakfast foods such as olive oil in the porridge. Everything is served in quirky and cute artisan cups and bowls.

Must try : Yogurt Granola / Porridge with seasonal jam and olive oil.
Good to know : Opens from 7.30am during the week.

Atelier September Copenhagen Atelier September Copenhagen Atelier September Copenhagen


Værnedamsvej 5, 1819 - Frederiksberg C
Granola is located on one of our favourite streets in Copenhagen with some of our favourite wine bars, boutiques and restaurants. Granola has a slightly more formal atmosphere with table service so its a great choice if you have time to sit and enjoy a longer breakfast.
With the early 7am start you can easily spend 2 hours here and feel like you have had a half day off work.

Must try : Soft-boiled Egg and Cheese, Jam and toasted Rye bread.
Good to know : Opens from 7am during the week and from 9am at the weekend.

Granola Copenhagen Granola Copenhagen


Strandgade 108, 1401 - City Centre
‘The Corner’ is the cafe version of the 108 restaurant where they serve freshly baked pastries and coffee. They are renowned for their experimental Nordic twist on the Danish pastry such as the coffee infused pastry or the fermented meat glaze!

Must try : It’s hard to pick which to opt for but I think my favourite is the coffee infused pastry.
Good to know : Opens from 8am during the week and 9am at the weekends.
Not just a coffee shop, from midday you can also pop in for a glass of wine.

    108 Copenhagen 108 Copenhagen 108 Copenhagen


    Jægersborggade 50, kld. tv, 2200 - Frederiksberg.                    (There are 3 other cafes to check out across the city too)
    The first ‘Porridge’ shop to open in Copenhagen made with seasonal and organic ingredients. It is super healthy but also so delicious. It is the perfect place for those who have a gluten intolerance as there are many gluten free meal options.

    Must try : The chia seed porridge with a freshly squeezed Carrot, Apple, Ginger juice.
    If you are there for lunch try the “Grøddeller” - Fried Risotto with cabbage salad, it’s so good!
    Good to know : Opens from 7.30am during the week and 9am at the weekends.

    Grod copenhagen

    We hope you enjoy these amazing breakfast spots in Copenhagen. We will to continue to update this post as we try out more early morning cafes.


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