Top things to do when it rains in Copenhagen


When it rains in Copenhagen
Sometimes it can be difficult, especially when you have visitors, to come up with good ideas to keep yourself entertained when it rains. Here's our list of top things to do when it rains in Copenhagen...


A perfect way to spend a rainy day is definitely at a food market, a great atmosphere surrounded by tasty food and drink.  Plus they are usually indoors to keep you sheltered from the rain.  Torvehallerne, close to Nørreport metro station is probably our top choice now that Paper Island has sadly closed down!

For more info and other markets to explore check out our post about the best food markets here.


Torvehallerne Copenhagen


Copenhagen has a great selection of museums. Our personal favourite for a rainy day is the Glyptotek, Copenhagen’s sculpture museum which also has a beautiful botanical garden.

Also one of Denmark’s best museums of modern art, Louisiana. Situated in a pretty location by the sea, 20 minutes train ride from Copenhagen. Try out their delicious all you can eat lunch and lemon tart!

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Glypotek Museum Copenhagen

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Dinner at Condessa Copenhagen

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Dinner at Condessa Copenhagen

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Dinner at Condessa Copenhagen


Grab a group of your friends and spend the day eating Smørrebrød and drinking Schnapps, you will instantly forget about the rain! One of our personal favourites is restaurant Puk the third oldest restaurant in Denmark, and if you're lucky you'll get a very entertaining waiter who will share all the restaurants history.

Restaurant Puk

Dinner at Condessa Copenhagen


Probably one of our favourite ways to spend a rainy day, and with wellness being a very important part of Danish lifestyle there are some great options to choose from.

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    Dinner at Condessa Copenhagen


    Bastard Cafe - Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 - City Centre
    We love to play a good board game and this place literally has every board game in the world stacked on it’s shelves. The cafe has quite a student feel to it and you can order unhealthy but very tasty snacks directly to your table using your phone, before you know it four hours have passed without you realising!

    Tommi's burger copenhagen

    Cafe Salonen, Sankt Peders Stræde 20, 1453 - City Centre
    Another great little bar where you can play board games! This was one is a fairly recent discovery. It is really cosy and the drinks are good value as well. Cocktails are priced at 55dk.

    Tommi's burger copenhagen


    Boulebar - Nørregade 18, 1165 - City Centre
    Good food, drink and pétanque (boules for us Brits), this is a really nice way to spend a day or evening with a group of friends. Ninety minutes of pétanque costs 100dkk per person.

    Good to know : You can book online

    Tommi's burger copenhagen

    Time Quest Live Escape Rooms - Lille Strandstræde 20, 1254 - City Centre
    Get that adrenaline pumping whilst challenging your mind with an escape room. There's a selection of different games to play depending on your group size. I would recommend booking in advance online, prices vary depending on group size.

    Tommi's burger copenhagen

    Blocs and Walls - Refshalevej 163D, 1432 - City Centre
    The largest climbing centre in Scandinavia, we’d never climbed before so started with bouldering which was super fun, 120dkk admission including use of the gym.

    Tommi's burger copenhagen

    Urban Ranger Camp - Refshalevej 177, 1432 - City Centre
    We didn't dare to try this one out, but if you're not afraid of heights this urban playground 50 meters in the air looked like a real adrenaline rush. For four hours it cost 395dkk.

    Paintball Arena - Refshalevej 177A, 1432 - City Centre
    This is the largest indoor paintball arena in Europe but it doesn’t just have paintballing on offer, you can also choose actives such as lazertag, sumowrestling, human football and many more. A great place to go if there’s a large group of you.


    The Danes love jazz music, you can often listen to it for free in a selection of bars, a really cosy way to spend a rainy day or evening.

    Find out more about the best places to watch live music for free here.


    Tommi's burger copenhagen

    These are all of our top tips for when it rains in Copenhagen, follow us on Instagram for new Copenhagen tips each day.


    Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any comments or if you would like to us to give you a featured post on Brits In Copenhagen.

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