Your Quick Intro to Danish Pharmacies

Your Quick Intro to Danish Pharmacies

When it rains in Copenhagen

Here is a brief intro on all the stores you need to know if you want to get hold of health products, toiletries or medicine. These were not all apparent to me when I first moved to Copenhagen and I did most of my shopping in the supermarkets. This worked out fine for the odd product but I was really missing a Boots type store which stocked everything under one roof! So here they are and I hope it is helpful to you.


There are many of these stores in the city and it’s the closest to a Boots you will get. It sells all the things you would expect such as the typical pharmacy items, health foods, vitamins and beauty products. However it can be a little pricey and they don’t offer discounts or deals like we can be used to back home.

Good to know : Most medicine is sold behind the counter so you need to ask for this before buying.
Tip : Sometimes I like to do an International Boots shop online to get certain brands that I am used to using and bulk buy 3 for 2 beauty products and vitamins! It costs £10 for delivery however you make this up with the discounted items you can get. Delivery time is about one week.


(The Danish translation for chemist) This is your more traditional pharmacy. It’s a nice, clean and bright store where you can buy a lot of medicine straight from the shelves as well as behind the counter. It also stocks some high-end branded beauty products. The staff working there are really helpful and happy to help with anything you need advise on.


A discount retailer, and the closest store I can think of to compare it to back home is probably Wilko’s. It’s not a Pharmacy but I feel it’s worth a mention if you are after discounted products. I only discovered this store after my recent move to Vesterbro and found that it stocked many branded haircare and body products at a fraction of the cost compared to other stores. So I now do some of my beauty shopping here too.

We feel these are the only stores you probably need to know right now, but please get in touch if there are others which are worth mentioning on here!


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