Get a british hair cut in Copenhagen

A Gents Barber With A Taste of Home

If you need a trim while you’re in Copenhagen this is what you need to know.

I’d been getting my hair and beard trimmed each time I was back in the UK but after a while I got a cut at a great little spot in Copenhagen.  Here’s what I’ve found out about looking after your head and face fuzz while you’re here.

The Numbers for Clippers Aren’t the Same

Before you rush into a barber in Denmark and ask for your usual, it’s good to know that the grades on clippers aren’t the same in Denmark as they are in the UK.  I’ve made the mistake of trimming the side of my beard with a set of Danish clippers and it was far shorter than I expected.

Getting A Trim Can be Pricey 

Of course the prices vary but like for like you’ll find a Copenhagen hair cut more expensive than in the UK.  With that said, I’ve had some great trims in Denmark and they know how to deal with beards.

British Barber Shop

I found the British Barber shop on Google and it’s been great.  It’s a great barber shop firstly but it’s also a little slice of home.  It’s really nice to pop in for a trim with Damien or David and hear some english voices.  There are often British magazines in there too, but what makes it really special is that both of the barbers are perfectionists.  They take their time on hair and beards, not only have I been chuffed with what they’ve managed to do with mine but sitting in the shop waiting you’ll see a few transformations.

You don’t book and it’s a comfy place to wait.  It does get busy (which is a good sign) with Brits, lots of Americans and Danes.  If you turn up and there is a bit of a queue you’re right next to Greasy Spoon which is a nice and good value spot to grab a coffee or some food.  You can check out their website here.  It’s a good idea to get some cash out before you visit the barbers as the card machine can (ironically for a British barber shop) be a bit funny with British cards.

Check them out at and I might see you there.