20 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Copenhagen

Moving to a new country can be daunting, here are our top 20 tips/facts about Copenhagen…

1. Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the World.
According to the world happiness report which you can read more about here!

2. Denmark is one of the least corrupt countries in the World. The honesty is great!
You can read more about this here

3. Hygge is very important to the Danes. It’s a cosy feeling of togetherness and contentment.
A few days in Copenhagen and you’ll fall in love with the cosy candlelit lighting in bars and restaurants. You can see some of our favourite ‘hygge’ bars in our upcoming post subscribe if you don’t want to miss out!

4. Learning to say ‘tusind tak’ meaning ‘a thousand thanks’ will get you lots of appreciation from the Danes when you would like to express sincere gratitude.

5. You won’t need a car in Copenhagen.
It’s super easy (and lovely) to cycle and walk round the city, it’s really flat and there is plenty of great architecture to look at while you’re getting about.

6. 55% of locals cycle to and from work, bikes are everywhere. Read this before you ride though.

7. Copenhagen is one of the most liveable cities in Europe as voted many times by Monocle. Watch this short video which sums up why.

8. Tax is higher compared to the UK but the Danes are happy with that. You see where the money is being spent.

9. Copenhagen isn’t as expensive as people are led to believe in the UK. £10 for a pint is not true, however it makes sense to avoid the popular tourist areas when you want to do things cheaply.

10. Renting somewhere to live in Copenhagen is much cheaper than London. However it can hard to find somewhere because demand is high, but there are some amazing properties.

11. The majority of people working in Denmark get 30 days of annual leave.  Companies encourage employees to take 3 week holidays so you get a true break from work and reduce stress levels.

12. There are more Bank Holidays in Denmark compared to the UK.  You even get some midweek which can make a nice break from the working week!

13. Working late is rare, the Danes value work life balance.  Many companies work to 4pm and finish even earlier on a Friday.

14. Invest in a waterproof coat, it rains! You won’t often see an umbrella due to people riding bikes plus it can get quite windy.  Some of the best rainwear comes from Denmark. Check out Rains, for practical and fashionable raincoats https://www.rains.dk/

15. Copenhagen can be bit of a ghost town on a Sunday, it’s all about the family and spending quality time together.

16. The Danes are very patriotic. You will always see a Danish flag somewhere. It is the symbol of national gathering and so is used for all important occasions in a Dane’s life.

17. Danish is an incredibly hard language to learn. However don’t let this put you off as people can speak perfectly fluent English. You can also get by knowing a few basics here.

18. You get up to 5 years of free Danish courses to learn the language once you are registered into the country. Click this link to find out more where you can sign up.

19. The Danes love to follow the rules. It’s unlikely to see a Dane walking across the road at a red light.

20. The Danes love a positive attitude and are super friendly – it’s easy to make friends.

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